The Titus Twins mom called me in a panic the day before their bridal portraits were to be done asking if I was available to do their makeup since the makeup artist originally hired, canceled on them. I was happy to oblige. I grew up knowing their parents well as a kid and I was honored to be able to help these two gorgeous girls out! I also thought it was pretty cool they were getting married together.
The super talented Emily Chappell Photography shot their portraits down in Beaufort, SC at the Old Sheldon Ruins. I LOVE everything about these photos. The girls dresses were downright gorgeous and the photos are so dreamy. I kept their makeup soft with hints of peach and pink and I could not more pleased with how their makeup turned out considering I had to do their makeup at 8am and their shoot was not until 3:00 in the afternoon.

The twins even got local news exposure about their double wedding weekend! See the link below to see their story.

Now on to the gorgeous photos!